Loans, Credit Lines and Overdraft Protection

Loans, Credit Lines and Overdraft Protection

Personal Line of Credit

A way that is flexible borrow

  • Make use of it for home renovations or making purchases that are large
  • Borrow between $5000 – $50,000
  • Apply once for a borrowing limit as you are able to continue steadily to utilize and re-use by having a repayment that is flexible 1

Unsecured Loans

Borrow just things you need now, for just what you would like

  • Put it to use for big acquisitions or consolidating financial obligation
  • Borrow between $5000-$50,000
  • We’ll assistance create a payment schedule that fits your allowance

Scholar Credit Line

A versatile option to fund your college costs

  • Buy costs such as for instance tuition, publications and residing at competitive rates of interest
  • Apply when for a borrowing limit as you are able to continue steadily to utilize and re-use 1 whilst in college 2
  • Interest-only payments that are monthly at school as well as for 24 months when you leave college

On-Screen Graphics

Loan vs. Loan vs. lend Loan vs. credit line Loan vs. uncover cash on ground

Loan vs. Personal Credit Line

Interest Fixed Adjustable

Weekly Bi-weekly Semi-monthly Month-to-month

Content in this video clip is actually for informational purposes only and may also differ according to specific circumstances.

Please talk to a TD banking expert regarding the particular requirements.

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Topic suggestion from search bar pops up when text is typed.

Screen Text: Debunking credit score urban myths Big Foot Debunking goat that is debunking yoga

Debunking credit score fables is clicked and name seems.

Screen Text: Debunking credit score urban myths

Speaker: Unlike a conspiracy that is internet, credit ratings must not be frightening.

A meter progresses from a minimal credit history to high credit rating. A car or truck seems.

Speaker: They suggest just how well you handle your credit re payments.

Re Payment Due title seems. A hand clicks about it, changing the name to cover Bill.

Screen Text: Payment Due Pay Bill Minimal re re payment Paid

Speaker: Having a credit that is good history- and that means you make at the very least your minimal payment and constantly ensure it is on time – makes it possible to attain an increased credit rating.

A calendar is shown with a check mark by the end associated with the thirty New Hampshire payday loans near me days.

Screen Text: minimal re re re payment on time

A meter advances from a minimal credit rating to high credit rating.

Speaker: as a result might help help you get approved for credit for bigger purchases – like your home that is first the long run.

A agreement seems and it is being finalized. A residence is shown.

Screen Text: help to make approvals easier

An envelope seems.

Speaker: Making your repayments on time relates to your entire bills that are personal together with your phone bill as well as other bills.

A bill is revealed within the envelope. A phone seems having a Pay Bill symbol. The symbol is clicked and modifications to Paid!

Screen Text: your entire bills that are personal Bill Paid

Speaker: additionally, make sure that you just submit an application for credit items that you want and that you utilize them responsibly by remaining in your borrowing limit.

Screen Text: just submit an application for credit items you want

lots of bank cards circle the screen and one stops and remains on screen. A credit meter shows the credit card going over the limitation after which back to the mark area.

Screen Text: Stay in your limitation

Speaker: Finally, keep in mind not to ever submit an application for credit numerous times over a period that is short this too can negatively influence your credit rating!

A meter advances from a high credit history to low credit history as a hand clicks an Apply symbol many times.

Screen Text: Apply Applying many times

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