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With a mission to plan bespoke memorable weddings, just as you dreamt your special day!!

Specializing in customizing wedding decor, design and planning, we bring together righteous resources, under the guidance, expertise and dedication of Seasoned Wedding Planners & Professional Designers to convert your dreams into reality. We leave no stone unturned to bring your dream come to life.

Classic Wedding’s is making dreams come true since 2005.

Team comprises of qualified & experienced Wedding Industry experts, who go an extra mile in providing you with a unique and personalized, tailor-made event. Our team is more than proud to bring you the very best in wedding planning & management. As we believe in upholding the traditions, breaking the monotony & transporting weddings to a whole new level of revelry! Rest assured, we provide you with exclusive pre to post wedding facilities that you’ll find nowhere else and all this with our signature styles and that endearing touch.

Masoom Khan is one of India’s most sought after and leading Events & Wedding Planner. With an experience spanning nearly 2 decades, he entered this industry as an art director rendering his creative inputs and skills in building lavish and remarkable movie sets, gradually drifting towards the much popular television era and eventually bringing it all to the event industry.

A growing need for extravagant wedding desires of couples, initiated him to begin the journey utilizing his expertise & creativity with a sole objective to let you celebrate your special moments as desired while we handle your pressures…He believed, there exist a million reasons to celebrate life, everyone has the right to celebrate their moments, what didn’t exist was a million ways you could celebrate. India, is a land of great celebrations and extravagance where emotions and relationships rule all other aspects of life, Masoom “Bhai” with the creation of classic wedding concepts, amongst the initial pioneers introduced the  larger-than-life celebrations of those aspects. Here on, was the beginning….for many as the “ Happily- Ever- After”.

His vision and the motto of the company – ‘Turning Dreams into Reality’….. has led our team of design and production experts to pull out all the stops to ensure that your special day lives up to your expectation. We ensure every client is handled with the same passion and sensitivity giving them the sense of us being an extended part of their family as a result, Over the years, our family has growing globally. To be able to give you a fairy tale wedding is what we take the utmost pride in!!!

One of the few names that is popular in the multi-crore Wedding circuit and has many a times been featured in the top-5 most influential and creative wedding planners and  supplier, with quite a few awards to his credit.

Saima Khan

Girl with a creative vision towards her goal and believes in striving for perfection in her professional career. With excellent academic credentials in designing and styling, young girl climbing steps of achievement through her commendable leadership with a team full of experts. She is the eldest child of Late Mr. Masoom Khan, who gave his whole heart & soul to this wedding industry. No words can do justice to the reputation & respect he had gained. A new chapter has begin for CWC and Saima is holding no bars to make her company reach the peak of it’s power.

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Maaz Khan

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